Your Guide to The Top Fineliner Drawing Pens

The Top Fineliner Drawing Pens

Whether you’re just doodling or laying out plans for a new skyscraper or even creating an image that will rival the greatest masterpieces the world has ever seen, at least one of these pens on the this list will take your craftsmanship more enticing  than ever in a digital world, we're sure many artists jump at the chance to use an inky pen. Most of these pens have a reputation for being very precise fineliner with Archival Ink— not something you’d necessarily need at your desk at the office unless you work in a career that involves extremely intricate penmanship or illustrations like a engineers and architects and lets not forget  illustrators, cartoonists and other artists
You’ve probably searched extremely hard for that one pen that won’t skip or run dry or simply just look awful on paper. But whether you want a highly technical pen or something more free-flowing, you’ll not find yourself with empty-handed with our list our guide to the top fineliner drawing pens.

Archival pens

When choosing a drawing pen, it's best to look for one that is labeled "archival". Archival pens contain inks that won't fade or lighten over time.
Fade-resistant / Lightfast
Pigment ink
Archival pens are the best choice for fine art because the ink last as long as a lifetime and more, it’s especially should be a requirement if you plan on to sell your art work and more importantly it won’t smudge because it’s lightfastness.

Epiphany Fineliner

Epiphany fineliners are another excellent choice for pen and ink artists.
Epiphany Fineliner Drawing Pens 
These highly pigmented ink artist pens can produce nice smooth lines that dry quickly and won't smudge once dried. Epiphany Fineliners are available in 10 sizes, from .2mm (the smallest) to 1.0mm (the biggest) plus a brush tip(2.0mm). They are sold in a pack of 10 and come in the ink color black. These pens are also great for zentangle art and bullet journaling. 

Staedtler Pigment Liner Sketch Pens

Drawing Pens

Staedtler Pigment Liner Sketch Pens are another fine choice when it comes to archival artist pens. They are only available in black and come in 6 sizes, from 0.1mm(the smallest) to 0.8mm(the biggest).

The Uni Pin Fineliner Drawing Pen

Uni Pin Fineliner

Not all black inks are created equal. Some lean more toward gray. The Uni Pin Fineliner delivers if you want true, consistent, jet black lines rather than starbursts of color, although it does come in a variety of colors, too. Uni’s trademarked Super ink is waterproof and fade-resistant, which is pretty much mandatory, but it’s also tamper-resistant. It’s not erasable, even with the use of chemicals. You get nine different tip sizes in a set of nine black pens. This one is a classic, a favorite pen of architects.
The 3 brands of drawing pens mentioned here are amongst the best pre-filled ink pens that artists can buy, and they are relatively inexpensive as well, with each pen usually costing under $2.

Best All-in-One Pen: Nichi Duo-Markers

Nichi Duo Markers 

Nichi Duo-Markers As the name suggests, each marker has both a fine tip and a flexible brush tip. The fine tip is on the opposite side of the flexible one. The brush tip creates lines ranging from fine to bold, making it ideal for shading, and the set includes a blender pen to help your shading along.
You have a choice between blendable or soluble ink, both of which are non-toxic, so they’re perfectly safe if your kids should get their hands on them — and they’ll probably want to with all the bright colors that are available.

Best Technical Pen: The Rotring Radiograph

Technical Pen

The Rotring Radiograph isnt too easy to use. This one some practice to get used to putting together, so why go to all that trouble? Because customers give this pen positive rating. Its precision is off the charts. The needle steel tip allows for super-fine lines with skip free lines. The pen set is a little pricey, but it’s worth it if you depend upon your writing instrument for your livelihood.

Copic Markers

Copic Markers

Copics are great for drawing.The alcohol-based ink is rich, dark, smooth and silent — you and others won’t hear the pen itching across the paper. It won’t bleed or soak the paper the way some pens often do, and it’s also waterproof.

We hope you enjoyed this information provided about drawing pens,  read about the top 4 best watercolor sets for beginners & tool's to become a master-class calligraphist.  

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