Tool's To Become a Master-Class Calligraphist

Watercolor Calligraphy Supplies for Beginners

Watercolor Calligraphy Supplies for Beginners

Do you love the look of calligraphy?

Do you wish learning calligraphy would be easier?

Well I would like to introduce you to the world of watercolor calligraphy or as some call it “watercolor lettering”. A zen-spirited art of the calligraphy world - stunning, calming and forgiving of mistakes.

Unlike typical calligraphy with ink, watercolor calligraphy uses materials is easy to blend. Watercolors allow enables quick fixes as well as unlimited color variations and designs.

In this article, we review everything you need to make beautiful watercolor calligraphy. Follow along as we start show you the tools on becoming masterclass watercolor calligrapher.


Clean Water

Cuos with water

Fill a few cups with clean water. Keep one clean for wetting paint and use the others to your brush, btw 2 cups should be just fine. Place them within easy reach, but make sure you won’t knock them over.

If you want to really get fancy you can purchase the Go Water Cup from Faber-Castell.

Faber Castell To Go Cup

Its great for art on the go, the Faber-Castell Clic and Go Water Cup is the perfect art companion. This collapsible cup is easy to store away and designed for quick cleanup. The scalloped top allows for a great place to rest your paint brushes when not in use.  

Watercolor Paints

Any set of watercolor paint can work for lettering.

Most people use either watercolor cakes or watercolor tubes, I personally like watercolor cakes because it doesn't make a huge mess--it’s a subjective choice you can go with either one.

Dry watercolors need to be wetted before use, while tube watercolors require the use of a palette.

If it is your first time deciding on which to go with I recommend you check out this awesome article on The Top 4 Best Watercolor Sets for Beginners. It lists the top watercolor palette for newbies.  

Watercolor Cake (Palette):

For Professional: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors

Kuretake Watercolors

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors are made for professionals, but hobbyists will also appreciate their rich pigments and easy to blend. They have a large color selection and all of the standard colors are also available in individual pans, so you can replace the colors you use most often without buying ones you don’t need yet.

For Hobbyist: Umiko Watercolor

Umiko Watercolors Set

Umiko Watercolors gives the best value from all other brands in the market, 24 Aquarelle colors a mixing palette and 2 assorted tip water brushes, which you can fill with water and don’t have to worry about making a huge mess. The Umiko Watercolors are fairly new to the market, but given the hype on social media, it's definitely worth to try at least once.

Watercolor Tubes: Holbein Artists' Watercolors

Holbein Watercolors

Holbein Artists' Watercolors are professional quality watercolor paint and deliver an intense color with very little paint. If are planning on going with tubes instead of cakes palettes, you will need a separate palette.


Paint Brushes

I often get asked, "What watercolor brush should I begin with?" If you are new and jumping into the world of watercolors,  I always highly recommend beginning with an affordable but well made synthetic-bristle brush.

Paint Brushes: Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon

Loew Brushes

Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon have springy synthetic bristles that keep their shape well. Their lightweight plastic handles resist chipping and are reinforced with aluminum ferrules. This makes them both durable and affordable.

Water Brushes: Artistrove Water Brushes

Artistrove Water Brush

Water brushes like the Artistrove Water Brush &  Pentel Aquash they use synthetic bristles and hold water in a reservoir on their handles so you don’t need a cup of water to paint. They are especially convenient when you are traveling and don’t have much space or time to clean up. These brushes come with 3 assorted tips so they are great for all-purpose size for calligraphy,


Canson Watercolor Paper Pad

Beginner artists may find this pad to be akin to their liking since they’re just starting out. It’s cold press paper so the surface is rough with texture.

Canson Watercolor Paper


Inexpensive yet good quality

Acid-free sheets

Great for beginners


May need slight stretching to remove wrinkles


Reeves Watercolor Paper Pad

These sheets can handle even the most rigorous erasers without compromising the integrity of the drawing. So you can concentrate on drawing your ideas rather than saving the paper. 

Reeve's Watercolor Paper



Durable paper makes it durable for lots of erasing

Handles multiple types of drawing tools, not just paints


Paper curls slightly if it gets too wet


Thats should be all you need to start watercolor calligraphy or as somes say lettering with watercolors. I don’t think I left anything out...actually another tool that is very helpful is a drawing tool...I recommend Epiphany Fineliner Pens, these are archival ink pen...meaning you can use water over it ink won’t smudge.

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