Top 4 Best Watercolor Sets for Beginners


Finding a set of really good set of watercolors is not necessarily an easy task. This article is for those who are asking yourself how to paint with watercolors or how to use watercolor paints and are looking for the top affordable watercolors.

Weather you are trying to start lettering with watercolors or watercolor painting...these sets are a must have.

If you are completely new at watercolors, I recommend you use watercolor cakes...not liquid. Main reason is the mess that is made with liquid watercolors. This list will include sets that usually tend to get rid of the mess that is created when painting with watercolors and is perfect for student painters.

Without any further we go, the best watercolor for beginners!

#1 - Umiko Watercolor Field Sketch Set

Umiko Watercolors Set

This product is Number 1 for one reason--it offers the best value out there on the market...especially for beginners.

Here's the deal...not only does this set is perfect for travel, it makes watercolors painting for beginners that much more easier. This set is perfect to master your watercolor techniques, it comes with 24 Aquarelle colors, 2 water brushes with assorted tips and 1 removable watercolor palette. It is fairly new in the market, but the buzz on social media about this product is real and I am very intrigued on which way this product wellhead over the years.

#2 - Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box

Koi Watercolors

This Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box is the most famous of this group of travel watercolor sets and it's a lot similar to the Umiko Watercolor Pan Set it comes with 1 water brushes and 1 removable watercolor palette. it also seems to be by far the most widely available of the tested sets – especially if you include the 12, 18, 30, 36 and 48 color versions that are available of this set. This would have been #1 on the list given its popularity but the quality of the paint has dropped over the years. It has become more chalky. The best way to use Sakura Koi watercolours is probably to use them straight from the pans without mixing them too much.

#3 - Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Pocket Box

Cotman Watercolors

What i love about these set is that these pans are sold as open stock, meaning you can replace one color at a time. Unlike the Umiko Watercolors and the Koi Watercolors this set doesn't include a removable palette or water brush. It has a regular paint brush, the brush is nothing to get excited over. It is just a small round or linear-type brush. I probably won't use it, as it gives me hand cramps since the handle is so tiny.

#4 - Prang Watercolors

Prang Watercolors

This product is the most affordable set on this list, This set is the good old Prang paints I remember from school many years ago,in a nice container, easy to carry along for sketching on the can’t really complain about this product because you get what you pay for. It may be cheap paint but it is great for little kids and newbie watercolor artists.

P.S. the Prang watercolor set does not include a mixing palette

Here’s the deal...Umiko watercolors may be very new in the market, it is still one of the best choices to make while shopping for student watercolors set. Let’s not forget to mention that Umiko watercolors are excellent for watercoloring while traveling. It fits pretty much anywhere.

Bottom Line is any of the sets from this list is a good choice...they all work great of canvas and watercolor paper...instead of breaking your bank trying master watercolor techniques and lettering, I would strongly recommend you get you hands on one of the sets from this list.

Share and Comment below if you have tried any of these watercolors sets before and which works for you the best. 

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  • The Umiko watercolor set was the first watercolor set I bought, because I didn’t know any better. It nearly made me wuit learning watercolors. I was later told to begin with Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes. The difference was amazing. The Umiko watercolor set was so chalky and not very pigmented and terrible for mixing. I don’t see how you can recommend them for anyone but children.

    peggy coffey

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